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I've been wearing RayBan Wayfarers and Aviators since 1988 and recently purchased a pair of New Wayfarers from RX Optical, a legitimate local chain who sell premium glasses. These are of poorer quality than many cheaper sunglasses that you might find in your local grocery store, Walmart or Meijer. Very lightweight, easily scratched by it's own temples and the edges of the frames have very sharp and noticeable ridges I have never been so... Read more

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The painting on the surface the arms of frameless eyeglasses has peeled off without any manual scratches I.e. manufacturing defect not use defect as it one arm only ...the retailer claims that the ray ban grantuee is 6 months only so I did not accept that and need your support as your brand will lose its reputation here as it is not the only complain from this retailer he did not want to lose time for contacting ray ban agency and say to me all... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Sep 08
  • #915112

Been on hold for 2 hrs! What sort of customer service is this?? Shocking

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  • From mobile
  • Aug 28
  • #908648

severe flaking on my rayban sunglasses

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My feedback is on the worst customer service I have received in my life. I placed an order 9285761, the system changed the state of my billing address so my order was put on hold. I was NOT notified until I called on the day I should have received my order. After an hour on and off hold the rep went through the correct address with me and replaced the order for me over the phone. She did NOT change the address as we discussed. My order was again... Read more

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I have two pairs of Ray Bans that have severe flaking on the lenses. Does anyone know why? I have contacted Ray Ban. They would not tell me anything other that I would need to contact the warranty program. For the price (each pair cost more than $200), the lenses should not be flaking. I have barely worn them! I would like to know what is causing the flaking. Are they just poor quality? That is my guess. I thought Ray Ban was a reputable... Read more

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Don't buy from these guys!. Bought sunglasses and didn't like them. Sent back the very next day. They received them back July 14th. Its now August 5th and I have called several time previously to see when they would credit back amount. Women I spoke to said, will refund in 3-5 business days. So essentially they have had me money for over 23days without issuing a refund. I suppose they float there business this way. Seems as if they outsource... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Aug 03
  • #893649

Les compre 3,gafas *** el logotipo de rayban y llegaron rotas(estropeadas)

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  • From mobile
  • Jul 26
  • #888747

Mine are peeling 2! Had it for less than a year!!!!!! Very upset!!!! They where expensive. And after hearing a lot of complaints about the same thing I am fuming! Price for quality? What a joke!

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My daughter ordered a 223.00 pair of sunglasses. UPS delivered and said that they left at the front door. My daughter lives in an Apartment. Why would anyone leave a package at the front door of an apt. All packages should be left at the office. So that is UPS fault. I tried to get them to send another one (to be held at the office) or refund the money. They said they cannot until the investigation is over . What investigation i said ? They said... Read more

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