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We purchased a pair of sunglasses about 1 year ago. I took very good care of them so I figured it was just normal wear an tear of the hinge that was coming loose.

So I sent it for repair. First off, it took the warranty claims department about two weeks to even let me know that they received my glasses. I called several times and the only answer I got was "we won't know if we have your glasses until they are done being evaluated". Excuse me?

I just shipped away $200 and you can't even tell me if you got them? Anyway they eventually contacted me saying that they had them. Then I was told they were unrepairable because they were discontinued, okay fine. My options were get the same style (different color) for around $90 or get 50% any other pair.

So we take the 50% off discount and I go online to give them the model number of the pair I wanted. First off the online price said $230, but the warranty rep said they were actually $280 and that the online price must be some sale or something even though nowhere on the website did it say "sale". He then proceeded to tell me they can't override their system to give me the advertised price. So we order them anyway and on the website it said free overnight delivery.

Come to my surprise the rep said, "oh it will actually take around 10-14 business days". He said that was the case because they have a different stock than from the website. So really what he was saying was, "The products we sell you aren't the products you see on ray-ban.com". Therefore Ray-Ban is a fail of a company with terrible customer service and I would recommend $5 pair of replica wayfarers from amazon.com than actually buying from Ray-Ban.

The seller will probably not false advertise and give you better customer service. Other disgruntled customers should file a complaint to the Federal Consumer Protection Agency.

Another note is that RayBan is not even accredited by the Better Business Bureau, who received two complaints about RayBan and gave no response.

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